Flood Sensors, A Great Product Worth Discussing Again.

Water leaks are eight times more likely to occur than a theft, so it’s by far the biggest threat to a home,” said Brett Jurgens, co-founder, and CEO of Notion Flood Sensors

Flood sensors come in all shapes and sizes, but they all work in similar ways, using the same system. When water comes into contact with two exposed metal probes, the device then senses increased conductivity between those two probes and sets off a warning.

It is a simple mechanism that can save insured’s thousands of dollars.

These sensors are designed to detect leaks and the presence of water before serious damage occurs. They are best used in the basement or in other parts of the home that are prone to flooding. For example; under the sink, in the laundry room, essentially anywhere with a water source.

If you have piping running through or along your basement, you can place the water sensor underneath that as well. Beneath basement windows is also an excellent place for a water sensor, especially in bathrooms — another prime risk area for water leaks.

Most water sensors have a very simple set up and system in place. They detect leaks in an instant and directly notify your smartphone or device. Effortless to install, the sensor sticks or screws onto most any surface. With a battery powered operation and a compact design, you can place it anywhere water damage could occur. You can even set up automated actions, such as automatically powering off appliances, if water is detected.

Basic flood sensors can range from $50-$80, if you are simply looking for something that can let you know if there is a leak. They can also be purchased online or at your local hardware store.

Simple innovative pieces of technology like water sensors can make a world of difference when it comes to claims and losses. Now that we know water is the new fire and that extreme weather is on the rise, wouldn’t you want a smoke detector in every room of your home along with fire extinguisher?

Think of a flood sensor like a fire alarm and the automated processes that automatically power off appliances as the extinguisher. Creating another layer of protection between you and an unexpected leak or flood.