Business and Professional Services.

Business and Professional Services.

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Professionals including, architects, engineers, design professionals or others in numerous occupations ranging from individual consultants to event planners all face a similar problem: they can all be sued by clients or other third parties for not providing their services properly or even failing to provide services. Often, allegations are made that have no merit but the legal fees incurred defending such claims could cause a significant financial setback. Rather than having these costs come out of your clients pockets and eating into their profits broad insurance coverage is available to not only defend such claims, but also pay possible settlements.

GroupOne can offer both standalone E&O policies for Architects & Engineers (A&E) and other design professionals as well as combined E&O and CGL (General Liability) policies with the general liability on an occurrence basis for most miscellaneous professionals.

Our Industries:

  • Architects & Engineers
  • Design & Construction (Bill 124)
  • Consultants – management, telecom, etc.
  • Property Managers
  • Occupational Health & Safety Consultants
  • HR, Recruitment, Staffing Agencies
  • Media – Marketing, Advertising, etc.
  • Technology – IT Consultants, Software developers, etc.
  • Miscellaneous – Tattoo parlours, event planners, therapists, etc.

Capacity: Limits up to $10 million