Sean Reza - GroupOne Talent Feature

Welcome back to our GroupOne talent feature. We are very excited to continue our series of Employee Interviews highlighting our remarkable, resilient, and hardworking team. This month’s feature will be focused on Sean Reza, an essential part of our team and who has broadened and strengthened his skill sets while working here at GroupOne. Sean has been working in the accounting department since he started at the company and is transitioning to the Underwriting Team where he will continue to foster his current expertise and also learn entirely new ones.

Please see the interview below:

When did you join GroupOne?

I joined the GroupOne team back in May of 2019.

How did you start working at GroupOne? What drew you to the job?

Funnily enough, I initially started working with GroupOne on a large accounting project after leaving my original field of medical sales, looking for a new challenge.

What is your position at GroupOne? What does that generally entail?

I am currently in an accounting position working directly under our controller. My position usually has me busy with accounts receivable and payable duties, as well as some accounting related projects here and there.

What is your favourite thing about working at GroupOne?

My favorite thing about GroupOne thus far would have to be how seamless they made the transition to working from home. During an incredibly stressful time they managed to make that one less thing we all needed to worry about.

What have you gained from working at GroupOne?

GroupOne has been a great platform for not only learning about the insurance industry but has done a lot for my skills in project management and managing my own time and effort.

Do you have any advice for any new employees just starting out at GroupOne?

The best advice I can give anyone starting at GroupOne is to never be afraid to ask questions. All of the staff are here to make sure that you not only understand how to do your work but also how to excel.

What are 3 words you would use to describe the employee culture at GroupOne?

Three words that I think resonate most with the employee culture at GroupOne would be encouraging, responsible and hardworking.

Is there anything in particular that you are most excited about, when it comes to your new Underwriting position?

As I’m just about to start learning the ins and outs of underwriting, the thing I am most excited for is the challenge and change of pace. Growing my skill set and evolving are a huge part of what keeps me passionate about work. I’m very much looking forward to making the jump into a new field.

What is your proudest moment in your time at GroupOne?

I think the one that stands out the most would have to be my implementation of various software systems to automate many of my previous workflow tasks. Certain tasks that took a great deal of time have become considerably more manageable.

What is something that GroupOne does differently compared to other places you have been employed?

GroupOne definitely places its emphasis on its staff more than any other place I’ve worked. They truly understand the benefit of having a workforce who is supported through any situations they might face whether it be at home or in the office. Covid was a prime example of GroupOne rising to the occasion to keep its staff safe and supported.

Can you think of any important moments when a co-worker or boss helped you in a time of need?

It’s hard to think of a specific time as they are always there to help navigate my day-to-day tasks and are especially helpful if there are any issues that are beyond the scope of my skill set.

Do you have any fun or interesting anecdotes from your time working at GroupOne?

I’ve always been a fan of the annual summer barbeques at GroupOne. Being able to socialize with coworkers out in the sun has always been fun.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I’d say I’m a pretty open book, but most people don’t know that I double majored in Biological Anthropology and Biodiversity & Conservation Biology at the University of Toronto.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

10 years is a long time, but one thing I’m sure about is having a sailboat or a camper van. I’m an avid traveller and it’s always been a dream of mine to be able to hit the road and explore!