Information about COVID-19.

Information about COVID-19.

The situation regarding COVID-19 in Canada is continually developing at a rapid pace. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and GroupOne’s response.

Is GroupOne still operating as usual?
Daily operations remain unchanged with respect to new business, renewals and claims with the exception that our team is now 100% remote. We are proud of our team’s flexibility and ability to maintain productivity during this unprecedented situation. We are still processing new business, renewals, claims and have set up systems and procedures that allow our staff to work safely from home with no impact to our performance or workflow.

If you need to get in touch with a member of our team, all GroupOne staff can be reached by email. For a directory of staff contact information please visit our website. Additionally, our staff will be available via phone.

GroupOne is still processing claims normally. For information on how to submit a claim please visit our claims page.

Please find below a list of some key contact information:
Ms. Gina Pinto at

After-hours claims service: or call (800) 658-8668

New Business, endorsements and general inquiries:

Will GroupOne be auto renewing policies?
GroupOne does not automatically renew policies, however, we do understand that we are all operating under unusual circumstances. It is our desire to work with our broker partners and insureds, and we will provide extra time as needed to ensure we live up to our promise of service excellence.

If a business begins delivery service to customers, will this affect their NOA coverage?
If a GroupOne policy includes coverage for Non-Owned Auto and the operations have changed from the time of the last inception, we need advice about the change from the broker so that we can re-evaluate coverage to ensure coverage provided will contemplate new operations. We value our broker relationships and endeavour to work together with you to ensure your client’s are protected.

Is GroupOne accepting electronic signatures?
GroupOne understands that the ability to receive physical signatures is limited due to current social distancing measures. As such, GroupOne is accepting third party verified electronic signatures and will be working closely with brokers to ensure that promises are upheld and that service excellence is being provided regardless of the current circumstances.

Is GroupOne still conducting inspections?
GroupOne will be conducting inspections through our third party inspection partners as per government regulations based on the safety requirements and Health Canada.

With the new office/work from home hybrid model, what can we do to reduce the risk of cyber attack?
As Canadian businesses have moved many aspects of their operations online, there has been an increased frequency of website exploitation attempts. The need for cyber security is greater than ever as many cyber criminals are exploiting the increased opportunities which result from the new changes to the workplace model.

The Canadian government has tips and advice for a wide range of devices, issues and businesses. A directory of this information can be found here.
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The GroupOne team would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to all of our broker partners for working to maintain operations and open lines of communication. Thank you for your flexibility, perseverance, and diligence.

Finally, GroupOne would like to thank all Canadians for doing their part to ensure the safety of all those around them. As recent weeks have passed, the data has shown that Canadians have taken social distancing and self-isolation measures seriously and our efforts are paying off. Thank you, for looking after the ones you love, for protecting those at high risk and for upholding Canadian values of compassion, dignity and respect. With your help, we will get through this together.