While our products and insurance markets represent what we can offer your insureds, solutions and service are what we can offer our broker force. Our brokers are our professional partners; you are the sales force for the products that we offer. Part of the GroupOne philosophy is to work with our brokers to provide quick, effective and flexible solutions that help you to provide the best service to your clients.

You may be wondering...

1. Why would a broker use a wholesale insurance intermediary like GroupOne?

  A broker would use a company like GroupOne because he does not have the facility to place a risk for his insured with his regular market.

2. How fast can a broker expect a response for a quote request?

  Quotes are handled by our experienced staff as soon as they are received, providing all the necessary information is supplied by the broker.

3. How does a broker bind a new or renewal policy?

  Simply send by fax 905-305-9884 or 1-877-302-7822; or e-mail to the acting underwriter. Please refer to the GroupOne Company Directory.

4. Can GroupOne do stand alone liability?

  Yes we can, please contact us at 905-305-9884 or 1-877-302-7822; or e-mail to insureit@grouponeis.com

5. How do I report a claim?

  Complete the loss notice form email including all information related to the claim (such as date, details and contact persons name and phone number). Fax to 905-305-9884 or Toll free: 1-877-302-7822 or e-mail to claims@grouponeis.com

6. What provinces does GroupOne underwrite insurance in?

  GroupOne writes insurance across Canada except in Quebec.

7. What type of Markets does GroupOne use?

  GroupOne uses only uses companies that are licensed in Canada - both domestic and international.

8. What types of Insurance does GroupOne write?


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