GroupOne Insurance Services.
50 Leek Crescent
Suite 101
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 4J3
Phone: 905-305-0852
Toll-Free Phone: 1-888-489-2234
Fax: 905-305-9884
Toll Free Fax: 1-877-302-7822
Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday
For faster processing, please forward all submissions for quotation to:

Kay-Lee Franklin
President & CEO

Mali Fonseka
Direct Dial: 905-597-0961
Extension 230

Lisa McMillan
Director of Underwriting
Direct Dial: 905-597-0976
Extension 229


Almas Sitwat
Direct Dial: 905-597-0968
Extension: 251

Daniel Alvarado
Underwriter, Commercial Property
Direct-Dial: 905-597-0964
Extension 247

Daniel Zhou
Senior Underwriter, Commercial Casualty
Direct-Dial: 905-597-0974
Extension 234

Fiona Chan
Senior Underwriter, Hospitality Specialist
Direct-Dial: 905-597-1027
Extension 235

Harold Canning
Senior Underwriter, Commercial Casualty and Property
Direct-Dial: 905-597-0956
Extension 236

Jason Berry
Senior Underwriter, Commercial Casualty & Property
Direct Dial: 905-597-0986
Extension 240

Lisa McMillan
Director of Underwriting
Commercial Casualty and Property Leader
Direct Dial: 905-597-0976
Extension 229

Peter Crosby
Senior Underwriter, Commercial Property
Direct Dial: 905-597-0942
Extension: 236

Tyler Hotte
Jr. Underwriter
Direct-Dial: 905-597-1062
Extension 246


Underwriting Assistants

Ashtyn Franklin
Underwriting Assistant
Direct Dial: 905-597-0941
Extension: 231

Carmelita San Diego
Underwriting Assistant
Extension: 228

Joyce Rajadurai
Underwriting Assistant
Extension: 253

Kelly Neal
Underwriting Assistant
Extension 0

Krista Moir
Underwriting Assistant
Direct Dial: 905-597-0954
Extension: 245

Maria Machado
Underwriting Assistant
Direct-Dial: 905-597-0944
Extension 237

Nila Thomas
Underwriter Assistant
Direct Dial: 905-597-0986
Extension: 225

Niloofar Panahipoor
Underwriting Assistant
Direct-Dial: 905-597-0986
Extension 224




Elsie Del Rosario
Administrative Assistant
Direct-Dial: 905-597-0968
Extension 232

Ida Di Maria
Accounting/Admin. Assistant
Direct Dial: 905-597-0981
Extension 244

Trevis Sandy


Lexa Franklin
Claims Coordinator/ Communications Director
Direct-Dial: 905-305-0852
Extension 252

General Claims Enquiry:
Telephone: Lexa Franklin at 905-305-0852 ext:252

Emergency after hours:  Please call (800) 658-8668, Maxwell Claims Services